Giving Respect when Respect is Due

Hey to all my Biochemians,

The post is just to acknowledge the mastermind behind the idea of creating a blog this semester as an assignment for a Introductory to Biochemistry course.

His name is Mr. Jason Matthew, lecturer at the Univeristy of the West Indies, St. Augustine.

I must say this man is truly AWESOME, his approach in teaching skills is out of this world, from producing podcasts, in class quizes as well as online, assignments straight down to this blog has allowed me to understand this course.

I must say he really deserve a reward and for that I would like to say if I, Shanice Sade Charles is awarded an A+ in this final exam , I would get this Hokage what he likes best a MOCHA CHILLER…..

So you guys stay tuned to find out if this came true…


The picture above is a jig saw puzzle of the man himself…….

Thanks Sir for allowing me the oppurtunity to learn Biochemistry at it’s best!!!

For my international blog followers, please suscribe to his Youtube link that is posted at the bottom to get all his videos on Biochemistry.

As I go, I leave this quote:

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love  of learning: Brad Henry



About sade19

Trinidadian born biochemist........Loves to read,watch TV and play with my little brother!!and most of all I LOVE BIOCHEM...:)

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