Krebs Cycle and The Electron Transport Chain: What does these do?

Hey there,

It’s me again……This week we spent some time looking into the Kreb’s cycle or the TCA cycle which we are familiar with its where under aerobic conditions the pyruvate is converted to acetyl CoA.

The following is a nice depiction of this said cycle:


Next we look at the elctron transport chain, here is a diagram of how it works:


It’s two more weeks for the end of this semester and I must really say that I am impressed with my achievement of being able to write a blog, it was a challenge at first but I succeeded…..I hope u guys learnt somethings on the basic introductory course in biochemistry next week I would give my final farewell as I begin to start to study for my final exams!!

Wait but I have a surprise!!!!!!!! 😮

*Drumroll please*


I would continue blogging as I journey through the next two years while completing my Biochemistry major…so this is not the last of me!! So see you very very soon 🙂



About sade19

Trinidadian born biochemist........Loves to read,watch TV and play with my little brother!!and most of all I LOVE BIOCHEM...:)

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